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Some of my recent publications and syllabi.


+ CSCW 2018 (DC): Prefigurative Design as an Alternative Approach to Civic Engagement [PDF]
+ CHI 2017: Creating a Sociotechnical API: Designing City-Scale Community Engagement. With Christopher Le Dantec, Becky Nielseen, and Kate Diedrick. [1] (Honorable mention, top 5% of all submissions)
+ CHI 2017: Tap the 'Make This Public' Button: A Design-Based Inquiry Into Issue Advocacy and Digital Civics. With Christopher Le Dantec. [PDF]
+ CSCW 2015: Illegitimate Civic Participation: Supporting Community Activists on the Ground. With Christopher Le Dantec. [PDF] (Honorable mention, top 5% of all submissions)
+ iConference 2014: Speculative Activist Technologies. With Sarah Fox, Christopher Le Dantec. [1]


+ Atlanta Community Engagment Playbook. [1] the online playbook, [2] Atlanta Studies coverage.
+ Cycle Atlanta. [1] interactive map (note: slow to load), [2] City of Atlanta study plan, [3] NPR coverage.

Book Chapters:

+ Advocating Through Data: Community Visibilities in Crowdsourced Cycling Data. In Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation: Biking For All? [PDF]
+ Designing From Margin to Center: Creating an Inclusive Space for Different Games. With Sarah Schoemann. In Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat. [PDF]


+ LMC 3710: Principles of Interaction Design [PDF].
+ LMC 2400: Introduction to Media Studies [PDF].
+ LMC 2720: Principles of Visual Design (forthcoming)


+ Designing Civic Events. In Interactions. With Sarah Schoemann. [PDF]
+ The Prismatic City. In Civic Quarterly. With Carl DiSalvo and Christopher LeDantec. [1]


+ Making it difficult: modernist poetry as applied to game design analysis [1]