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My latest CV is available here.

Feel free to email me: notmiriam[dot]asad[@]gmail.com.

Occasionally, I tweet while waiting for my bus: [@]mariamnotmiriam.

I'm currently a PhD Candidate in the Digital Media program in the College of Literature, Media, and Communication under the Ivan Allen College at Georgia Tech. I am very fortunate to work with my patient and generous advisor, Christopher A. Le Dantec. My dissertation is titled "Prefigurative Design as an Alternate Model for Civic Engagement." It uses design research to inquire into novel and antagonistic mis/uses of information and communication technologies to support local activism and organizing. I plan to defend in Spring 2019.

I am a researcher, educator, designer, project manager, and facilitator, among other things. I am generally interested in direct democracy, resistance, and anti-oppression. The short answer to my past research is digitally mediated civic engagement in advocacy and government contexts. The longer answer to my past research involves design workshops, housing justice activists, bike advocates, city planners, animated gifs, neighborhood elders, student organizers, smartphones, pipe cleaners, protests, sit-ins, bike rides, and videogames.