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My research combines craft and performance to look for novel interaction formats and to design new digital media. The approach combines theory and practice and very often mixes both. The goal is to support human creativity in situations where the digital and the material blend into each other. Most of this work happens in my group, the Digital World and Image Group. Our past and present projects are also listed there.

Together with my students we ran an of-and-off studio blog for past projects and explorations (archived).

I have been collaborating with a variety of academic and commercial partners on different research projects: Turner Broadcasting, Google, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Alcatel-Lucent, the Georgia Tech Broadband Institute,as well as game developers Funatics, and EA. Other work was or is supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and various sources at Georgia Tech including GVU, IPaT, DILAC, and the Serve-Learn-Sustain program.

In the past, I used to run an irregular blog about machinima, Freepixel. It is largely for archival reasons still online.

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A (possibly outdated yet oversized) CV is here.

I work as an Professor at the School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I teach courses mainly for the Digital Media Masters and PhDs, as well as for the Computational Media undergrad programs. I am founder and Director of the Digital World and Image Group (DWIG). Since 2021 I also work as Associate Director for the DM side of the MS HCI degree. Since 2015 I co-edit the Taylor&Francis journal Digital Creativity together with Julia Sussner.

I hold an MA in Drama and German language from the Freie Universitaet Berlin, a MPhil in Architecture and the Moving Image at the University of Cambridge and finished my PhD in 2004 also at the University of Cambridge (Darwin College).

If not immersed in some digital adventure I am collecting screenplays. In a former lifetime, I gathered some experience in independent film production, scriptwriting, and even before that I worked as an Improv actor at the Fast Food Theater, Munich. More currently, I am fascinated by puppets and collaborations with the Center for Puppetry Arts.

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Summer 2024

LMC 3262

LMC 3314

Fall 2024

LMC 6310

This is the intro course for HCI LMC students. It builds around text, visual, and performative media and teaches basics of P5.js and Arduino prototyping.

LMC 3314

Material objects are their very own technologies of representation. We will investigate puppets as key forms of these representations from purely physical to digital expressions.
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Book Covers

Vital Media

How can media design balance our needs for self-expression and the material needs of the world we are part of? Published by MIT Press 2022.

The Machinima Reader

Co-edited with Henry Lowood. The first academic book about the machinima phenomenon with essays from Salen, Manovich, Bardzell and many more. Published by MIT Press 2011.

Video Game Spaces

A review on the design, mediation, and use of virtual spaces from the perspective of game levels and architecture. Published by MIT Press 2009.

A list of publications is here.

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TSRB/ room 316B
85 Fifth Str. NW
Atlanta, GA 30308-1030

Office Hours

Tue 10-11 AM



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