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The Unemployment Line displays the unemployment rate from November 2008 to September 2009 over images of the modern unemployment line: the job fair line. Mass layoffs that occured during the month are also listed. The user can click on an individual month to jump to that month or view the images as a slide show.

Initial Sketch and Concept(PDF)

In my initial sketches I only focused on one company per month and chose an image associated with that company. I found images of job fair lines to be much more compelling, and they allowed me to draw a stronger connection to the human element behind unemployment numbers, which was my initial intention. This also allowed me to list more company layoffs to provide a broader picture of the deteriorating labor market.

After critiques revealed that my initial image was too heavy due to large gutters between the images, buttons, and border, I decided to do away with the gutters all together and create a simple, unobtrusive border design. I also originaly had planned on changing the border color for each month, but eventually settled on neutral colors in order to not detract or affect the viewing of the images.

Data Sources:
Forbes Layoff Tracker @ forbes.com (layoff information)
miseryindex.us (unemployment rate)

Image sources are displayed in each image.

The Unemployment Line

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v i o l e n c e
v i s u a l i z e d

The following visualizations are an attempt to display United States violent crime data in a clear and aesthetically-interesting manner. This project also served as an exploration of my own design voice, which favors, among other things, economy and geometric forms.

Data Source: Crime in the United States, 2007; US Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigations; Released Sept. 2008

violent crimes in Georgia colleges and universities
violent crime rates as a map of the US and the results of the 2008 election

violent crime in the US by region

violent crime in the US by region (geographically organized)