Based on the evidence presented on this site, Wizards might be able to win the case, but there are some holes in their arguments that Cryptozoic can use to possibly win the case. As it stands now under the strictest interpretations of the law claim on Patent, Copyright, and Trademark could all be ruled in Wizard's favor.
But there are questions that Wizards needs to answer or that Cryptozoic could possible ask in court to given Cryptozoic a chance to win the suite.

These questions include:
Does Wizard’s claim for patent infringement hold up as the design and mechanism of the game in the patent is now an essential part of modern trading card games.
Wizard’s claim for copyright infringement asks the court to consider non-copyright information such as the flow of gameplay.
Wizard’s claim of trademark infringement asks for the courts to consider the configuration and mechanical function of the cards as part of trade dress, something trade dress and trademark do not protect.

Of note this is my option without seeing Cryptozoic's side of the case, because as of the creation of this site Cryptozoic has not released their counter suit, or any other court documents related to this case.

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