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The Voices of Oakland (2004-2005)
Augmented Reality Project - Publications in CHI, ACE, and Pervasive Computing 2005
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CD-ROM and Websites (1993-2000)
Commercial products from the work at LG software, Seoul, Korea - 15 Series (93 Titles)
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Easy Rider (2003 Fall)
Navigation System Design - Task Analysis, Design Alternatives, Prototype, and Evaluation
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Social Fibers (2004 Spring)
Information Visualization - Visualizing personal communication and physical location over time
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Entropy (2004 Spring)
Interactive Installation - Proximity Sensors, Servo Motors, Micro-Controllers, Max Program
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Blue and Red Palette (2005 Spring)
PHP and SQL - Website visualizing political inclination of U.S. companies
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Java Applications (2003 Fall)
Cartoon Friday, Screen Saver, Sign of Zodiac, Site vs Site, Screen Camera, Sketchbook
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DART (2003-2005)
Designer's Augmented Reality Toolkit- Low level interaction with sensors, trackers, and cameras
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