schedule of classes- applied critical analysis for professional futures- spring 2012

Please note that because of the nature of the class, this schedule is relatively reliable but always somewhat tentative to allow for adjustments to class needs. We will pursue class topics in sequence, as they follow here, but if we find that we need more time to discuss a particular topic or issue to reach clear understanding, we will continue beyond the scheduled date and adapt accordingly.

Please check the schedule on a regular basis for updates--

Also note: f2f= face-to-face, v= virtual


t 10- f2f- course introduction

th 12- f2f- technical communication overview, epistemological structures

t 17- f2f- epistemology contd, typography choices; "Reclaiming the Imagination"

th 19- f2f- design issues, graphics and document layout; "The Rise of the New Groupthink"

t 24- f2f- continue graphics and design issues, read Jacob Nielsen page at; note 1.30.12 deadline for 1st street research assignment at street research

th 26- f2f- overview of all documents and how they operate together; read A Prototype Theory Approach to International Website Analysis and Design as a means to begin considering audience

t 31- v- assessment of progress and understanding of project bases; check out Athelia's interesting contributions.


th 2- f2f- proposal explanation, discussion and workshop development of proposal goals and creation

t 7- f2f- begin ethics and graphics and relate to visual rhetoric

th 9- f2f- read and discuss Koresh article

t 14- v- read Dragga questions re ethics and apply treatments from Koresh article

th 16- f2f- discuss methodology and undertake workshop efforts to treat methodology choices

t 21- f2f- proposal draft due, collaborative work with proposals

th 23- v- explain and engage in progress reports

t 28- f2f- explain oral presentations; intellectual property issues


th 1- f2f- intellectual property contd; explain analytical reports, 2d proposal drafts due

t 6- High Museum assignment

th 8- f2f- begin discussing and developing bases for analytical reports

t 13- f2f- High Museum Street Research due, continue working with analytical reports- one-to-one class responses

th 15- v- research and development of analytical projects; final proposals due

20-22- spring break

t 27- f2f- individual analytical report drafts due for collaborative responses

th 29- v- begin discussing team development for collaborative synthetic analyses


t 3- f2f- team development for collaborative synthetic analyses

th 5- f2f- begin discussing intellectual property issues in relation to projects, analytical report draft due

t 10- v- continue intellectual property discussions in relation to projects, discuss digital products

th 12- f2f- collaborative synthetic analysis

t 17- f2f- group collaboration on all projects, digital products usability testing

th 19- f2f- final presentations

t 24- f2f- final presentations

th 26- f2f- last day of class - final analytical project due, all materials due and all final presentations completed