Global Classroom Project

Global Classroom Project

Spring 2004 - LCC 4406 and 66320

Comparing News Media Across Cultures

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Dr. Yuri P.Tretyakov | | Office hours Tuesday 13-14; Saturday 12:30-14:30 |

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The Global Classroom Project is designed to provide a forum for cross-cultural, digital communication and collaborative project development with colleagues in St. Petersburg, Russia and Karlskrona, Sweden. This forum for experiential learning demands a high level of person-to-person communication and interaction that centers on the challenges of real-life contextual communication.

The course focuses on analysis of cross-cultural, digital communication. Both in subject area study and experientially, you will explore issues in this area, analyze them, and report the results of your research, experience, and analysis.

The overall textual goal of your class project is to provide an effective, clear, well-designed digital product that provides the results of your research and experiences. The other major class assignments will serve as your introduction of qualifications (resume), plans of action (proposals), and reports of your analytical work (analysis and digital project report).

Much of this class will be virtual in nature, conducted both on the World Wide Web through WebBoard conferencing software and through e-mail, to allow you to work with your classmates in Russia at the European University at St. Petersburg and Sweden at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona. As such, you must plan to devote time to your online discussions, just as you would to sessions in more traditional face-to-face class environments.