English 1101: Composition 1

Questions Concerning Technology, Education, and Inequality
Fall 2005

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Instructor: Jonathan Goodwin
School of Literature, Communication, & Culture
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Course Description

Questions Concerning Technology, Education, and Inequality

We will consider three questions in this course: What is inequality? What role does it play in education? And how do the general concepts of technology and specific technological practices affect both? These questions may lead you to think about the function of education in the past, present, and future--something well-worth pondering at this point in your lives. Though much has been written about all of these topics, we will not be able to read even a small fraction of it in this class. We will read very carefully a few relevant arguments, however. Barnet and Bedau's From Critical Thinking to Argument will provide a framework for thinking about how these and other arguments work. You will apply this knowledge by writing two formal arguments of your own, in addition to a shorter response paper due each week. There will also be a digital group project addressing technology's role in education.

Required Texts:

Recommended Texts

Assignments Overview and Grading Distribution

Software/Computing Resources and Requirements

You will be expected to have access to the WebCT software and other electronic resources for the course, including being able to read and print out readings from the electronic reserve and on the web.


I expect you to come to every class on time with completed reading, written, and on-line assignments and to be prepared to participate in class discussions and group work. If a reading is available on-line, you must print it out and bring it with you (any exceptions I will let you know about beforehand). You are allowed up to three unexcused absences over the course of the semester. After that, each absence will lower your participation grade considerably. Every three tardies will count as an unexcused absence. Please see me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Academic Honesty

All work you turn in for this class must be your own work, with all outside reference sources properly cited and acknowledged. All written assignments for this course will be submitted to the anti-plagiarism program "Turn It In."

The "Student Conduct Code of the Rules and Regulations" (Georgia Institute of Technology General Catalog, Section XIX) states that "academic misconduct is an act that does or could improperly distort student grades or other student academic records" and offers the following descriptive list:

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Inequality as Concept

Week One
M 8/22: Course Introduction
W 8/24: Course Introduction (cont.)
F 8/26: In-class diagnostic essay

Week Two
M 8/29: Ch 1, "Critical Thinking"
W 8/31: Ch 1, (cont.)
F 9/2: Ch 2, "Critical Reading: Getting Started"

Week Three
W 9/7: Ch 3, "Critical Reading: Getting Deeper into Arguments"
F 9/9: Ch 3, (cont.)

Week Four
M 9/12: Ch 7, "Using Sources"
W 9/14: Research Resources
F 9/16: Upcoming Paper Discussion--Grammar and Mechanics Review

Week Five
M 9/19: Upcoming Paper Discussion (cont.)
W 9/21: Peer Review
F 9/23: NO CLASS

Education and Inequality

Week Six
M 9/26: Paper #1 Due; Introduction to Group Projects
W 9/28: Ch 4, "Visual Rhetoric: Images and Arguments"
F 9/30: Visual Rhetoric (cont.)

Week Seven
M 10/3: Ch 5, "Writing an Analysis of an Argument"
W 10/5: Ch 5, (cont.)
F 10/7: Ch 6, "Developing an Argument of your Own"

Week Eight
M 10/10: McVeigh, "Structured Ignorance"
W 10/12: McVeigh (cont.)
F 10/14: Work Day

Week Nine
M 10/17: NO CLASS
W 10/19: McVeigh (cont.)
F 10/21: Peer Review Paper #2 (Evaluative Argument)

Week Ten
M 10/24: Group Project Workshop
W 10/26: Group Project Presentations
F 10/28: Group Project Presentations (cont.)

Technology and Stasis

Week Eleven
M 10/31: Ch 9, "A Logician's View: Deduction, Induction, Fallacies"
W 11/2: Ch 9, (cont.)
F 11/4: Ch 9, (cont.)

Week Twelve
M 11/7: Plato's Republic, Book V
W 11/9: Plato (cont.)
F 11/11: Work Day

Week Thirteen
M 11/14: Plato's Republic, Book VI
W 11/16: Plato (cont.)
F 11/18: Plato (cont.)

Week Fourteen
M 11/21: Plato (cont.)
W 11/23: Work Day
F 11/25: NO CLASS

Week Fifteen
M 11/28: Paper #2 Workshop and Discussion
W 11/30: Workshop (cont.)
F 12/2: Workshop (cont.)

Week Sixteen
M 12/5: Paper #2 Peer Review
W 12/7: Class Evaluations
F: 12/9: Paper #2 Due