Instructions for Romantic Circles MOO

This MOO exploration should take between 40-60 minutes. Allow yourself time to get aquatinted with the Romantic Circles MOO and time to explore the rooms, then, finally, time to discuss your experience. 

Systems: The MOO works best with a PC using Netscape Communicator 4.08 or later, or Internet Explorer 4.0 (4.5 on Macs) or later. Cookies,  Java, and Javascript must be enabled. 

Getting there:

1. Go to  At this site, click on the Villa Diodati button from the menu options.  This will take you to the log in screen. 

2. You will log in as a Guest.  Do not enter anything in the ID or password boxes. The ID box should say "Guest" and the password box should be left blank. Simply click the gray "Enter the Villa D" button on the left hand side of the screen. 

3. A split screen will pop up.  Give it time to load.  On the top are helpful buttons.  On the left is the conversation going on.  You can type what you want to say in the box at the bottom left corner.  At the right is what you see in the room.  Objects will have a blocky icon.  Doors to other rooms will have a street sign icon. 

Register a Character

To avoid being bumped off of the MOO as a guest, once you are logged in as a guest, sign up for a character identity. Here's how: 

1) Log on as a guest. This will take you to a guest room. Read the description of the room which will explain that to get a character in the MOO type @request in the dialogue box at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. 

2) Once you've typed the request command, the MOO will prompt you to type @request <userid> for <email address>Place the user ID you want for the MOO (ususually your first name and last initial or something reasonable) and use your email address. 

3) The password will be generated and emailed to your address. After a minute or two, check your email and log on as your character. 

Commands: (important commands have an asterisk) 

1. *To talk, make sure your cursor is at the bottom left hand corner of the screen in the blank box.  You must use quotation marks before and after what you want to say.  For example, to say hi, type "hi" Then hit return. 

2. *To look around at the room, type look  To examine an object type examine <object name>  For example, to examine a lake type: examine lake For an easy way to look and examine, see number six below. 

3. To emote, that is to show an expression or action, use a colon before the words expressing your action.  For example, if I want to smile, I type :smiles

4. If you see an object and want to take it, type take <object name>  For example take flower  This allows me to pluck a flower.  To drop and object, type drop <object name> such as drop flower

5. All you have to do is look and talk.  Anything else is extra.

6. *The right hand side of the screen has several features.  It gives you a description of what you are looking at.  You can click on an object and this will allow you to examine the object.  Objects are denoted with an icon looking like a generic blocky object.  Tolook at the whole room type look or use the look button at the top of the screen.  To move to another room, click the room name next to the street sign icon. 

A Detailed MOO Primar can be found at the Romantic Circles site. 

What I want you to do in the MOO:

1. When you arrive, you will be placed in a guest room.  If you don't see the room or the browser doesn't load in the room, click the "Look" button at the top of your screen. 

2. Once you are in the room, in the blank dialogue box at the lower left hand corner type @go #1599  This will take you to room 1599, my office.  Wait there for all other group members.  While you are waiting, feel free to chat, look around, and practice your MOO skills. 

3. Group leaders, make sure everyone is in the office.  To see if members are straying elsewhere in the MOO, click the "Who" button at the top of the screen.  A Who Screen will pop up.  See where everyone is.  If someone is not in the office, go to the room they are in and help them get to the office.  (You can get to the room other players are in by clicking the linked room name next to the guest name in the Who Screen.)  Wait between 5 and 10 minutes for late players. 

4. All players should go to "Valley" by clicking the link Valley on the right hand side of the screen or by typing @go Valley

5. Once in the room, 

A. Everyone say your real name, so the recorder records who you really are and I can give you credit for your work. 

B. Look at objects and discuss the objects.  Pay close attention to the details of the descriptions both of the room and objects.  The leader will help pace and direct the discussion. 

7. Once you are done chatting in the Valley, follow the leader to Point and continue examining objects, wandering in the room, and discussing. 

8. Finally, you will go to the Cottage.  In the Cottage, you can look at a Diary and a Book.  The book will have several questions about your experience.  The group should answer at least two questions in the course of their conversation in the Cottage. 

9. Now SAVE your conversation by using the mouse to highlight the whole conversation that appears in the dialogue box.  You'll have to scroll a long way to get it all.  Copy and paste this dialogue into a word processing program (such as Word).  Print out a copy for class discussion.  Leaders, email me a copy of the conversation (

9. When you are done be sure to return any objects you have picked up back to their original locations.  Then, click the quite button at the top of the browser.