Cybiotic Interaction – LMC 3710 – Principles of Interaction Design 

Section N1 Fall 2013 – Special Focus: Physical Computing and the Living World

Course Description

The world is a large tangled web of interactions between creatures and their environments. Human interactions comprise a very small portion of these interactions. Due to our own solipsistic nature, however, we tend to ignore large parts of our everyday living world.

This project based course will explore the tools and techniques of interaction design. We will explore interactive feedback systems between digital and biological behaviors for inspiration, robustness, and situatedness.

We will cover user-centered and scenario-based design techniques, wireframing, performative prototyping and the Arduino as a prototyping platform. We will create cybiotic interfaces, which couple sensing/input with actions/output between digital and living systems.



Andrew Quitmeyer is a Digital Media Ph.D. student pursuing his individual research in “Digital Naturalism”. He works with animal behavior scientists to develop exploratory and communicative digital devices. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama named him a Fellow for Summer 2013.